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  • 29-Jul-2017 says :

    Can you just turn up at a meeting in belfast tomorrow (Sunday 30th july) ?

  • 29-Jul-2017 says :

    Thanks Tommy...
    He wouldn't go last time... but im going to drag him now - i can't take it anymore and watch him throw his life away

  • 15-Jul-2017 says :

    07810172991 shaz this is the n'a helpline number they will be able 2 direct u 2 a meeting

  • 15-Jul-2017 says :

    is my 17 year old son too young to attend N.A. meeting? Is there a meeting in belfast tonight (15th July?)

  • 15-Jul-2017 says :

    When u are lying awake for no apparent reason at 2 13 am no cravings no issues the disease is at play racing brain shoulda coulda wouldas every single thought hurts the pain will set you free stay clean anything is possibile 9 months + by the. Grace ofor god one grateful addict here the thoughts and pain cannot kill you lack of action will

  • 13-Jul-2017 says :

    Hi for the first meeting can u go to any meeting

  • 29-Jun-2017 says :

    Thailand Regional Convention 11
    Hosting Service Body: NA Bangkok. Thailand Region

    Rembrandt Hotel
    Sukhumvit Road, Soi 18
    Event Info: Louis H +66.908070617
    Event Info: Nikhom K +66.877108402

    Additional Information:
    Facebook: Thailand NA Conventions

  • 20-Jun-2017 says :

    Hi family. I want to take the opportunity to thank all of our members in Northern Ireland for supporting and ensuring my visit home was filled with love and fellowship. Hugs, Nicky K. (NA Belfast / Bangkok).

  • 15-Jun-2017 says :

    Hi there,
    I am moving back to Northern Ireland on August 1st 2017. I am in a rehab in Canada right now and Im hoping to make some recovery friends and find some groups near Carrickfergus. I have only lived in NI briefly before so I am very nervous about coming back. Any connections and help to find meetings would be so appreciated :)
    thanks so much,
    feel free to email me:

  • 22-May-2017 says :

    The Monday and Friday 2.30pm meetings in Derry are indeed active at 12 Queen St, former offices of J Fahy Solicitors. You don't go through the front door at all but up the side alley on the right and round the back. Nice meeting and nice, strong brew of tea available as well!

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