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  • 25-Oct-2016 says :

    New site is looking great Michael, thanks for all your service, you are a star.

  • 23-Oct-2016 says :

    Trying hard to get over my nerves and go to a meeting tomorrow but im back to square one with anxiety about it! What if im to shy and dont want to speak, will people think i am being rude? Much love to everyone x

  • 11-Oct-2016 says :

    Hi guys, been struggling the past few months, stopping going to meetings is not a good idea... Thank God for everyone in NA. Hopefully be back soon
    Tommy (Belfast)

  • 10-Oct-2016 says :

    Hi folks, new website is now live. Please spread the word :)

  • 19-Jul-2016 says :

    seanpol.what a day to be clean. N.A has made it possible for me to enjoy the sun and relax its all down to my fellow memebers of my clonard home group who make me a better person.

  • 05-Jul-2016 says :

    Attended my first meeting last night. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful. I got more out of one meeting with a room of addicts than 3 years of counselling. I have been clean 15 days and I believe these classes will continue to keep me on the right path. God bless you all

  • 03-Jun-2016 says :

    Both Parents from Northern Ireland. My Dad and his siblings all died from addiction.
    I just celebrated 20 years by the grace of God.
    Every day still feels like my first day out of
    "Any addict can get clean stay clean and lose the desire to use!"
    Keep up the good work in the Motherland!

  • 27-Apr-2016 says :

    My son started going to these meetings 2 weeks ago when he realised what all he had lost through the past few years of abusing I am proud to say he is now entering his third week clean.

  • 06-Apr-2016 says :

    45 days today and counting one day at a time

  • 01-Apr-2016 says :

    Hi folks.
    Does anyone know if the enniskillen meeting is still going
    Or does anyone have a contact no for a member in that area.
    Love Faith & Fellowship.

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