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  • 05-Jul-2016 says :

    Attended my first meeting last night. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful. I got more out of one meeting with a room of addicts than 3 years of counselling. I have been clean 15 days and I believe these classes will continue to keep me on the right path. God bless you all

  • 03-Jun-2016 says :

    Both Parents from Northern Ireland. My Dad and his siblings all died from addiction.
    I just celebrated 20 years by the grace of God.
    Every day still feels like my first day out of
    "Any addict can get clean stay clean and lose the desire to use!"
    Keep up the good work in the Motherland!

  • 27-Apr-2016 says :

    My son started going to these meetings 2 weeks ago when he realised what all he had lost through the past few years of abusing I am proud to say he is now entering his third week clean.

  • 06-Apr-2016 says :

    45 days today and counting one day at a time

  • 01-Apr-2016 says :

    Hi folks.
    Does anyone know if the enniskillen meeting is still going
    Or does anyone have a contact no for a member in that area.
    Love Faith & Fellowship.

  • 31-Mar-2016 says :

    For L in Newry.

    In my experience there is not much you can do except get your son as much info on NA meetings and leave the rest to him. Maybe if he met someone his own age in his own area ( I know one young guy who might be willing to help) who is in NA and has stopped using he might be more willing to attend NA meetings. You could also call the NA phone line and ask for some literature to be posted to you, the number for that is 07810 172 991 and it operates 7.30pm to 10pm each night as far as I know.
    Good luck.

  • 26-Mar-2016 says :

    I struggled for years with narcotics and have never felt better since attending here

  • 10-Feb-2016 says :

    I am very worried about my 19 yr old son.He has been smoking Cannabis since he was 15. His father was an alcoholic who died when he was 10. My son never drinks alcohol,gambles or is addicted to anything else.I have never drank or taken drugs. He said he tried Ecstasy once but didn`t like it. He smokes Cannabis every day. He has been missing college and is very far behind with his college work. He has very few friends.The ones he has all smoke it too. I showed him this website yesterday and suggested he start going to meetings. He said he isn`t addicted;that he can stop any time he wanted to only that he doesn`t want to. He said he wants to smoke it for the rest of his life.Using my knowledge of his father`s alcoholism I told him he will one day feel differently when he hits rock bottom. I told him I didn`t want his life to get to that stage and wanted him ,for his sake,to sort his life out.He is gentle,kind and caring,and wouldn`t harm a fly.He is also very clever ,but very lazy.This was the case even before the Cannabis. The weed has just exacerbated it tenfold. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.P.S.I hope nobody takes this the wrong way.One of the reasons my son dismissed the idea of attending meetings was because he said he didn`t want to be hanging around a bunch of drug addicts.I told him this was exactly what he was. He said even if he was,which he doubts,he said he didn`t want to be associating with people who were possibly addicted to far worse substances than Cannabis.

  • 07-Feb-2016 says :

    Hi there, can anyone tell me if the Clonard meeting is on tonight please? Also, if anyone knows about meetings in Newry that would be great thanks.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

  • 30-Jan-2016 says :

    I have a problem Been marry for 10 years, past 3-5 years haven not been great.

    Could use some one to talk to.

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