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  • 06-Sep-2015 says :

    2561 days a day at a time

  • 10-Jun-2015 says :

    I am trying to do a home detox from Oxys, codeine etc and failed on my second day. I feel I have let myself and my family down. Anybody any advice for a home detox?? Thanks Ash xxoo

  • 15-Apr-2015 says :

    Just after 4am
    cant sleep

    fear, name it my head is putting me through it !!

    7 days clean though

    need to practice what i preach!...
    Keep coming back no matter what!!

    And trust in my higher power who is loving & caring

  • 02-Apr-2015 says :

    Will be goin to the Electric `picnic this year clean & sober for the first time. Anyone else in the same situation out there? 44 days clean 38 sober. look forward to hearing from you! xox

  • 01-Apr-2015 says :

    just putting this out there... there is 2 meetings a week in Dundalk weds and fri both 8 pm.. muirhevna mor community center , Tom Bellue Avenue.. ALL Welcome.


  • 26-Mar-2015 says :

    65 days and counting

  • 26-Feb-2015 says :

    just odne the calculation HONESTLY for a change clean for 35 days

  • 01-Jan-2015 says :

    Hi I am new to this group and would love to come to some meetings and make some friends and help getting sober. I have been addicted to oxys,codeine and sleepers and am trying hard to get clean. Much love Ash xxoo

  • 15-Aug-2014 says :

    NA meeting in Newry ,Thursday night at 8pm
    22 Kilmorey Street,
    Newry, BT34 2DE

  • 07-Aug-2014 says :

    hi all just letting you know web sight updated with pre-registration details register via email saying how many is in your group, (send no cash) to

    or cheek out whole thing on our websight all details are on it,
    be well

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